Chris Hasney


New look for the Bridge Blogging site. I like it!


Luise LeeNovember 15th, 2009 at 1:01 pm

Thank, Chris. It may only be temporary — We’ve had some problems with the feeds from feedburner updating properly, so we had to make an emergency switch. This is a temporary solution until I can find a more permanent resolution.

It’s always bothered me that we only have 15 feeds showing up on the main page, and when they drop off the front page, they go “poof”… And now, this solution is even less — only 10 feeds! I want to create a proper solution where we can actually have somewhat of an archive of feeds that goes back for at least a week. I hope I can get authorization from my superiors for a little development and coding time — we’ll see 🙂

More on this later…

JUDY KAY-WOLFFNovember 16th, 2009 at 7:39 pm

Chris: Unlike you, I was horrified. It was like a pig in a poke having to examine each blog to learn who wrote what. It was far too time consuming! Soon after my initial reaction (more like an attack), I read both your blog and Luise’s explanation and was relieved to learn it was only temporary. I personally have never seen such a small crew (Luise, Eric & Co.) do such fantastic fixing, editing, correcting, improving, etc. Those of us who blog on are indeed lucky to have such sensational young people at the helm. If we think bridge is difficult — imagine the training and every up-to-the minute change in technology with which they must contend!

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