Chris Hasney

“Rubber Bridge” Makes Life Master

“Bridge Babe” was the first to pass the 300 mark. Now “Rubber Bridge in the Student Union” has over 300 views on youtube. “Team Game” is getting close, with “BMOC” (Bridge Man on Campus) trailing. These are all videos of college age bridge players. I’m tracking progress just like the ACBL ratings. Hope BMOC makes it before year end or he’ll need 500 views!

These videos can be found at  I encourage all young bridge players to make videos of themselves having fun playing bridge and post them to youtube, then let me know of the post so I can cross-link.  We want to show that bridge isn’t just for old folks, and that the rubber version can be loud and fun, unlike duplicate which is a bit restrained in the laughter department.  (I really hate being shushed when I laugh at something funny that happens at my table!)

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