Chris Hasney

“Bridge Babe” Makes Life Master

She’s done it!
Last Fall several young actors met at a community college to film promotional videos supporting the idea that bridge is a fun pastime for healthy, good looking young people, not just a game for nerds and fogies. The most difficult of the four videos was “Bridge Babe” starring Marie Sembar. The reason it was so difficult is that much of the footage was lost due to a problem with one of the cameras, and the sound quality was bad for the same reason. In post production video editor Dr. John Buono got creative and really turned out an interesting piece of work… so interesting that it is our most watched. Just today it hit the magic 300 hit number, so with apologies to the ACBL I say she’s made Life Master. Looks like “Rubber Bridge in the Student Union” will be next.
You can view “Bridge Babe” and the other videos at

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