Chris Hasney

This Is What Separates Good Players from Mediocre Players

No, it’s not an eidetic memory.  It’s not superb table feel.  It’s not card sense.  Those things separate Great Players from Good Players.  It’s not doing the silly things I do routinely at the bridge table.  Example.  At the club today I played the spots off the cards to bring home an impossible 3NT contract with an overtrick on an endplay.  On the very next board I failed to make 9 tricks in spades in a 2S contract because I was bound and determine to make four, having forgotten I only contracted for two (which I made, for a bottom).  Duh.  Result?  The top and the zero averaged.  Good players don’t make the dumb mistakes (very often).  We came 2nd in the event.  Imagine what could happen if I just stop making these silly unforced errors!

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