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Yesterday I saw the beginnings of the new contract bridge teaching game.  We are working with Linda’s title, slightly modified, calling the game Card Slingers.  I like this because it has the word “card” and is more generic than bridge-related stuff.  Since the game begins with card basics (what is a spade, etc.) it can even by useful to those trying to get kids interested in poker, gin, canasta, etc.  (The contest officially ends on the 15th, so if you want to try to beat Linda’s entry time is short!)

The graphics are not the best, but that’s to be expected at this level.  But they are fun, the characters wear western hats (black for bad guys, white for good guys) and there are both male and female non-player characters.  Controls are easy to use, and there are a lot of game explanations and teaching modules.  Players get to ask questions of a teacher character, who can answer or say “Go Away” depending on how many reputation points the player has accumulated.

Another neat feature is that the game will be downloadable as a .exe file and can be saved on the user’s computer for future play.  It can also be played from my site, and perhaps from another gaming site.

I’m looking forward to seeing the final game program.  I’m hoping that it will be a new tool to introduce folks, especially youngsters, to our great card game of contract bridge.  Oh, by the way, if it gets that far it will be oriented to rubber bridge, 4-deal style with duplicate scoring.

When completed the bridge game will be linked from


LindaApril 11th, 2009 at 4:12 am

Woohoo! I came up with the chosen name (more or less). Good luck with the game.

DewaNovember 23rd, 2015 at 7:50 am

I know. It’s really weird. But as relgaur as clockwork. Huh. We usually get this in the form of what if you were stuck on a desert island .Good thing we can show them.

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