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Win three bridge books: Name this game!



I am developing a computer game with the help of a group of students, and it needs a name! It is based on the first chapter of my ebook Simplicity Bridge (which you can read for free at This action and role playing game introduces the player to rubber bridge through a series of minigames that follow an overarching storyline. It is not just a game about bridge; the card game is integrated into a larger game in order to draw in an audience of varying ages and teach people rubber bridge. The plot centers on a rather infamous gunslinger framed for a crime in an isolated town. The player must guide the protagonist through a series of challenges as he is pitted against enemies such as bounty hunters, mercenaries, and ultimately the corrupt town Sheriff. The goal is to have the player acquire a basic understanding of the rubber bridge while experiencing a fun and engrossing game.

Feature Set

The focus of the game is the minigames in which rubber bridge is taught and played. These are initiated through encounters with varying foes as the player progresses through different locations. Each minigame encounter builds on the last. Very early in the adventure, the player meets and befriends a bridge expert, who becomes a guiding figure. The player is shown how to play bridge in this series of minigames. In addition, the game features segments of combat, character interaction and exploration of the game world. The player character has the feature of a reputation, which affects interactions with other characters. Depending on how the player does in the bridge minigames, points are added to the reputation meter. Successfully completing the games or lessons nets the player a good reputation and positive reactions from non-player characters. Conversely, failing affects reputation and results in negative character interactions.

Target Audience

The game is intended for audiences ages 7 and up. The minigames involving bridge are built around the notion that the player has never played bridge or even necessarily seen a deck of cards. The main game is designed in a manner that allows the player to be gently eased into the concepts of role playing and adventure gaming.

Contest Details

The contest ends April 15, 2009. The contestant whose suggested title is selected to become the official name of the game will win a copy of my ebook Simplicity Bridge (valued at $19.95 US), the new book Team Tactics by Steve Bruno (valued at $18.00 US), and The Encyclopedia of Card Play Techniques at Bridge by Guy Levé. (valued at $33.95 US).  Post your ideas as a comment on this blog and be sure to include your email address. I look forward to reading your suggestions!


Sally SparrowMarch 18th, 2009 at 4:16 pm

Infamous gunslinger? Corrupt Sheriff? Sounds brilliant! I have been thinking of some names taken from the famous Westerns, and came up with one or two cheesy ones like, “The Good, The Bridge and The Ugly” or “Once Upon A Time in the Finesse.”

But I’m going to go with: “How the Finesse was Won.”

What a fun contest!

LindaMarch 18th, 2009 at 7:24 pm

I figure if I provide this name it will make everyone else feel they can do better.


ClaireMarch 27th, 2009 at 3:23 pm

I came up with Contract Killers, which I like, but might not be so great if you’re hoping parents will buy it for their kids. How about Contract Hero?

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